Learn how developing and enforcing Retention Policies can help you cost-effectively manage your data growth

With enterprise data sets growing exponentially, it has now become business-critical for organizations to have a firm grasp on what’s inside their archives and how to properly handle that data or run the risk of mismanagement impeding organizational success – eating up expensive storage space and leading to potential compliance risk and costly litigation.


Information governance programs are a strategic and scalable solution for successfully managing data growth. Retention polices, the cornerstone of information governance, are a mechanism for organizations to govern how data is gathered, stored, shared, and disposed – allowing organizations to drive down storage costs and achieve compliance at scale.


Congruity360's eBook, Retention Policies: The Foundation of Information Governance, will walk you through:

  • What retention policies are and why are they are crucial to the success of your business
  • The goals of retention policies
  • The initial steps to creating these policies
  • Best practices for developing successful retention policies


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