Enterprise organizations' rapidly growing data sets are filled with redundant, obsolete, and trivial data that serves no business function. This unstructured data significantly drives storage costs and opens organizations up to potentially damaging compliance risks. The onset of GDPR reinforces the importance of data governance as it drastically changes how organizations collect, store, and use personal data. While most organizations understand the value of  proper data management and compliance protocol, very few have an effective, scalable data governance program in place. 


Join Edward Caron, Congruity360's Vice President of Sales, Information Governance as he introduces scalable information governance strategies for auditing, gathering intelligence on, and taking action with your data to achieve compliance and significantly reduce storage costs. In this webinar you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of information governance and establishing retention policies 
  • How you can use machine learning to gain actionable insight on your data
  • How to create and apply retention policies to incoming data to decrease data set size and maintain compliance at scale
  • Through real-life use-cases, you'll learn:
    • How one organization utilized information governance to reduce their data set size prior to a cloud migration while also achieving compliance with GDPR
    • How another organization successfully utilized information governance strategies to handle large data sets during a merger and acquisition



Vice President of Sales, Information Governance
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